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Theme: Texture

I chose this theme because I wanted to explore different textures and patterns around the school.

Composition Photo#1 I chose to get the sun in the picture to show the reflection of it on the scoreboard. It gives it much detail and focuses not only on the scoreboard, but also on the sun. The sun is able to make the picture represent so much more, rather than just taking a picture of the scoreboard by itself. The photo is able to show the different lighting, which makes the picture look wonderful.

Composition Photo#2 I chose to zoom in on the trophy to show the glare of the girl’s basketball locker room. It shows how the girls had to work together and train hard in order to succeed and achieve their goal, which was to get the trophy that is in the photo. I chose to also get the basketball net in the photo, to show that the girl’s dedication truly does pay off.

Composition Photo#3 I chose to zoom into the flowers and their leaves to show the detail and the different colors that they contain. It focuses on the true beauty of nature. This photograph tends to put on a stronger emphasis on the value of the flower. Daily, we pass by flowers and leaves and don’t see the true beauty of it, but this photo is able to show the true beauty that they contain.

Composition Photo#4 I chose to zoom in on the rocks to show the different perspectives of how life is seen differently through people’s eyes. The picture focuses in the center part, which is the rocks, to show the beauty that they contain, even though they are just ordinary rocks. As I focused in on the rocks, I could also see the different patterns and colors that a rock contains. We usually don’t look at rocks, but in this photo, you get a better perspective of how a rock truly looks when you really focus on it. I blurred out the trees in the background to mainly focus on the beauty of the rocks.



Evidence of timeliniess is shown when they say that it happened eleven years ago, on a Tuesdya morning. It gives us an idea of time time frame in which it happened. The photograph seemed bias, because it only explains to us how the situation had a negative impact on the world. It shows us a story of horror and disbelief that the people were feeling that day. This story is powerful, because it makes us realize the things that can happen in our every day lives.

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Eleven Years Later, The Memories Return

Hot Air:

Eleven years ago, on a Tuesday morning just like this, thousands of people got up, prepared for a day that was not expected to be anything out of the ordinary, and left for their jobs or travel. They said goodbye to their families without any sense of the finality of that act. They went to work in New York City and Washington DC, or boarded planes for the West Coast, and never came home.

What unfolded was a day of horror and disbelief, leavened with tales of heartbreaking courage. Hundreds of firefighters and police in New York City charged the gates of Hell to rescue people trapped in the World Trade Center and ended up sharing their fate. One planeful of passengers, forearmed with the knowledge of their captors’ plans, fought the first battle in the war against al-Qaeda and defeated…

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Thoughts on news, feature and editorial writing

The three types of journalistic writing are: news, feature and editorial. I learned that news has timeliness, presents factual information and has an objective and has no opinions or conclusions included. Feature presents factual information, can be with or without timeliness, focuses on people and activities of interest, and is not aways tied to specific events. Editorials usually has timeliness, states the opinion or position of a writer or editorial board, is factual, but highly opinionated, and is usually one-sided, in order to make a point. News would be used in a situation when they are trying to report something, such as an accident that has occurred. Feature would be used in a situation when you get someone’s opinion on the topic. Editorial would be used in a situation when it is one-sided in order to make a point. One positive aspect of news is that it presents factual information. A negative aspect of news is it does not have people’s opinions or conclusion included. One positive aspect of feature is that it focuses on people and activities of interest. A negative aspect of feature is that it can be with or without timeliness. One positive aspect of editorials is it states the opinion or position of a writer or editorial board. A negative aspect of editorials is that it is usually one-sided in order to make a point. I would want to write more of features because, it focuses more on people and activities of interest.

Guest Blog Spotlight: Stephanie Garcia

Click here. I interviewed Stephanie Garcia yesterday and got to learn more about her. She is currently a sophomore at Harlingen High School and is 15 years old. She lives in Harlingen, Texas. After asking her a few questions, I learned that when she is older, she wants to be a pediatrician, because she would like to work with children and she finds the medical field to be very interesting. Her two favorite classes are Chemistry and World History. She enjoys Chemistry, because she gets to make labs and she likes her Chemistry teacher. She loves World History because, all of her friends are in her class and she greatly enjoys learning things that happened many years ago. I found out that she has 4 siblings, who happen to be all girls. Her favorite holiday is Christmas, because she loves the cold weather and she likes spending time with her family. She also loves this holiday, because she enjoys giving gifts to people. When asked what animal she would want to be, she chose to be a parrot, because she could live in the rain forest and fly wherever she wanted to. She also wanted to be a parrot, because she enjoys the wonderful colors that the parrot contains.

About Me: DeeAndra Gathright

I am from Harlingen, Texas. I am interested in photojournalism because, I love being able to take pictures, and this class allows me to do so and to experience what it is like. Something interesting about myself is that my favorite sport is volleyball and I love to take pictures.  My future goals are to go to college, and to become an elementary teacher.